Aqua Advanced

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Aqua Advanced

Interior Wall and Ceiling Paint

High Obliterating
  • Description
  • Stock Colours
  • Primer Undercoat

    A high performance Acrylic primer undercoat specifically formulated using a 100% acrylic resin which has a proven performance record for durability, adhesion and water resistance. Designed for interior and exterior use, providing adhesion promotion on to most substrates and as well as providing a suitable base before applying acrylic water-based or alkyd based enamels.

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    Satin & Gloss Finish

    A high quality, quick drying non yellowing Acrylic / Polyurethane Enamel, for interior and exterior use. Aqua Enamel incorporates Bedec’s unique approach to innovation in water-based technology. It exhibits excellent durability, levelling, colour retention and is quick drying giving a smooth enamel finish in gloss and satin. It has been formulated using the finest raw materials available to the UK market.

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    High Obliterating Matt

    A high build, high obliterating water based matt finish suitable for use on internal walls and ceilings. Also designed to infill block and brickwork to give a smoother surface where the cost of rendering and plastering is not required. Giving one coat coverage in most instances for warehouses, stockrooms, factories etc., over suitably prepared surfaces.

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    fast India Valium Online Buy Valium Overnight Buy Cheap Diazepam Valium Msj


    • Quick drying
    • Non yellowing
    • Excellent flow
    • Low odour
    • High build
    • Tintable
  • Aqua Advanced colour swatches Aqua Advanced colour swatches