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Primer Undercoat / High Gloss / Satin Finish / Eggshell / Matt

Interior and Exterior Trim Paint

Primer Undercoat / High Gloss / Satin Finish / Eggshell / Matt

Interior Wall and Ceiling Paint

High Obliterating / Matt

  • Quick drying
  • Non yellowing
  • Excellent flow
  • Low odour
  • High build
  • Tintable

Primer Undercoat

A high performance Acrylic primer undercoat specifically formulated using a 100% acrylic resin which has a proven performance record for durability, adhesion and water resistance. Designed for interior and exterior use, providing adhesion promotion on to most substrates and as well as providing a suitable base before applying acrylic water-based or alkyd based enamels.

Satin & Gloss Finish 

A high quality, quick drying non yellowing Acrylic /  Polyurethane Enamel, for interior and exterior use. Aqua Enamel incorporates Bedec’s unique approach to innovation in water-based technology. It exhibits excellent durability, levelling, colour retention and is quick drying giving a smooth enamel finish in gloss and satin. It has been formulated using the finest raw materials available to the UK market.

Technical data sheet

High Obliterating Matt

A high build, high obliterating water based matt finish suitable for use on internal walls and ceilings. Also designed to infill block and brickwork to give a smoother surface where the cost of rendering and plastering is not required. Giving one coat coverage in most instances for warehouses, stockrooms, factories etc., over suitably prepared surfaces.

Technical data sheet