Super Flex

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Flexible roof coating

Easy to apply

Waterproof and quick drying

Highbuild and seamless



Acrylic Flexible Coating For Roofs and Walls

Ultraviolet protection

Long life durable coating

Reduces maintenance costs

Suitable for application to many surfaces

  • Elastomeric flexible coating for roofs and walls
  • Stays flexible for years
  • Free from toxic hazards – Water based
  • Requires no pre-heating or mixing
  • Ready for use
  • Reduces maintenance costs

A flexible and elastomeric coating, quickly applied by brush, roller or spray which dries to form a high build, seamless waterproof membrane. Economically prevents or cures all types of leaking roofs, gutters and walls. Easy to apply, Super-flex remains flexible and elastic to allow for movement of the substrate forming a long-life protective coating for weatherproofing roofs and walls.